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The Idea,

Because Internet is becoming more and more popular, I had  to start a web site for the UN soldiers that have served for Unprofor. In this way, we can find and meet each other again after a long period. Should you have any ideas, suggestions or other information that can help me in building this page and make this page worldwide known, or are you looking for an old mate, please send this to me. If you like to, I can publish your information in my web site. Everything that is ethical allowed, will be published. Even though you served for an other UN mission, you and your messages are very welcome. Than, your information will be found under the header "Missions".

On this web site you will also find links to organisations in several countries (if known by me already). Should you have physical problems after serving in a mission, check the "Links" page. There, you will find a link to a veteran organisation in your country that might be able to help you in solving this.